A current listing of the many Sponsored Bills of Rep Lamont J. Robinson 

Sponsored Legislation That Have Become Laws

Rep. Robinson also supported the successful passage of:

  • Expanded gambling in Illinois to raise the resources needed to fund essential programs.

  • Legalized marijuana sales to decriminalize previously minor infractions, develop a new revenue stream for the state, and create jobs and entrepreneurial opportunities.

  • The Illinois Fair Tax Plan to require millionaires and billionaires to pay their fair share while providing needed tax relief for 97% of Illinois taxpayers.

Youth Prep Bill

Amends the Children and Family Services Act. Provides that in order to intercept and divert youth in care from experiencing homelessness, incarceration, unemployment, and other similar outcomes the Department of Children and Family Services and several specified agencies shall enter into an interagency agreement for the purpose of providing preventive services to youth in care and young adults who are aging-out of or have recently aged out of the custody or guardianship of the Department.

Medical Minors Consent

Amends the Consent by Minors to Health Care Services Act. Provides that a minor of 12 years or older who may have come into contact with any sexually transmitted disease or may be determined to be an intoxicated person or a person with a substance use disorder, or who may have a family member who abuses drugs or alcohol, may give consent to the furnishing of health care services or counseling related to the prevention, diagnosis, or treatment, rather than just the diagnosis or treatment, of the disease.

Funding for Homeless 

Amends the Homelessness Prevention Act. Changes certain types of assistance grantees shall offer households to prevent homelessness as follows: (1) payment of a rent or mortgage arrearage (rather than payment of a rent or mortgage arrearage in an amount established as necessary to defeat the eviction or foreclosure, but shall in no event be greater than 3 months of rental or mortgage arrears); (2) payment of a security deposit (rather than payment of a rent deposit or security deposit and payment of not more than 2 months rent or mortgage payments); and (3) payment of rent or mortgage. Provides that in no case shall the total assistance for a household be greater than the equivalent of 6 months of rent or mortgage payments. Provides that, on an annual basis, a grantee's administrative costs and case management expenses shall not exceed 15% of the grant amount it receives.

New Business Owners Act

 Creates the Illinois New Business Owner Act. Provides that no application for a license for any State or local department, agency, board, or commission shall be denied or acted on adversely by reason of the applicant having been previously convicted of one or more criminal offenses or by reason of a finding of lack of good moral character, except if certain determinations are made. Provides certain factors to be considered concerning a previous criminal conviction. Effective immediately.