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State Rep. Lamont J. Robinson Jr. is a lifelong Chicagoan who has dedicated his life to giving back to the city through public service and as a businessman, college professor, and director of a youth mentorship.


A resident of Chicago’s Bronzeville neighborhood, Rep. Robinson was elected in the November 2018 general election to represent the sprawling Illinois 5th House District that runs from Goethe Street on Chicago’s North Side to 80th Street on the South Side.


With an undergraduate degree in business marketing from Clark Atlanta University and an MBA degree from National Louis University, Rep. Robinson became a licensed insurance agent and owner of The Robinson & Caban Insurance Group. He also was a business professor at Harold Washington College and Director of the Kappa Leadership Institute in Chicago, which provides guidance to young men and prepares them to go to college.  He made history as the first out LGBTQ African-American to be elected to the Illinois General Assembly.


“The 5th District is rich with potential,” Rep. Robinson said. “My work in Springfield and in the district focuses on social justice, community resources, education, and public safety to make sure everyone has the opportunity to live to their full potential.”


Lamont grew up on Chicago’s South Side. While some areas are more prosperous, filled with working families with stable jobs, too many parts of the community that Lamont grew up in have been ignored for too long, with few resources and too little hope.

Lamont's mother was a Chicago public school teacher, and his father was a city inspector. His dad passed away when he was young, but he was still more fortunate than many of his neighbors. He had a support system to fall back on in difficult times. His mother, extended family, and the men and women in his community stepped in to fill the void. They ensured that he had the resources he needed to thrive. They made certain that he had access to educational and employment opportunities, good healthcare options, and a safe place to live and grow. That’s not the case for too many of our youth.

" I believe that government has a responsibility to provide its citizens with an environment for them to live healthy, happy, and productive lives. As a lifelong Chicagoan, I know that each community has its own challenges - some neighborhoods need business development strategies while others need support for their social service organizations, and still others need the peace of mind to walk around their communities safely. I want to support our residents by being their advocate, by hearing their concerns and telling their stories, and pulling in the resources we need to thrive. I know the district’s residents not only because I have lived in the district for some time, but also by serving 5th district residents through my small business. I serve people struggling to experience and protect their prosperity."



We'll ensure that all of our schools in the 5th District will get the resources they need so that all of our students from pre-k through college and careers can seize opportunities and generate prosperity for themselves, their families, communities and future generations.

Economic Development

 A healthy and flourishing 5th District is fueled by a thriving, educated workforce. We'll secure public and private investment opportunities in every neighborhood in order to make the 5th District a vital economic engine of Chicago. We'll aggressively create public and private partnerships that will grow a booming small business community throughout the District


We need to focus on health and healthy lifestyles from pre-natal to elder-hood by giving the people of the 5th District the sufficient resources to lead a successful journey through life. We need to ensure that our greatest treasures and assets, the children, youth and families of the 5th District, can have quality healthcare.


There is no question, our environment is in peril . But it also represents the greatest challenge and opportunity of our generation: to create good American jobs in clean and renewable energy, infrastructure, and manufacturing. Let's build a better future one day at a time, for our next generation! We can start right here in our 5th District!

Public Safety

A secure and safe 5th District depends on the health and well being of its people to attain quality and affordable education, good healthcare, strong employment and a safe home. Public safety should be community centered, where law enforcement and residents work productively together to prevent and quickly resolve crime. Both non-profit, community organizations and law enforcement need adequate resources and support to ensure public safely in our communities.